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Kat is 26 years old and lives in sunny Sussex by the sea. She is a survivor of child abuse in several forms, and has survived further abusive and traumatizing situations throughout her teens in her twenties. Kat has DID, and is struggling to understand it all since accessing mental health services after a domestic incident where Kat’s psychological issues really came to the attention of authorities in around 2010.

Over to the right you will find our list of recent blog posts, links to a selection of pages about who we are, and what this blog is about. Also there are our photography and arts&craft collections, which includes drawings, jewellery and digital art and our recently added poetry.

If you don’t know us, we recommended you check out the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pages on the menu first!

Thanks for dropping by,

Kat & Crew

Those that we know of:- Kat(is a nickname), Cath (Cathy, Catherine), Sarah, Liz(Elizabeth), Ramiel, Amy, Kate, Amy-kate( a kind of blend of amy and kate that amy isn’t aware is happening), Lotty (Little lotty), Rosie(Rosemary-ann), Belle, Ella-mae, Shadow, Connie, Beast, The monster, Denial


One Response to “Home”

  1. Kat
    Hi, how are you? Can you email us? We’d like to get to know you if that was ok? Its Carol anne here. My email is

    Im 18, body age 32, we’re in ireland!
    Its so great to meet someone in the UK with did, hoping this finds you well?

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